A unique motion tracking technology system developed to improve movement quality in athletes through testing, analysis and training


Developed from experience

AMAT was developed over a number of years by Pro Football Support who for the last 10 years have provided sports science support to 46 out of the 92 professional football clubs in the UK. As a company we were keen to develop a method of movement analysis which met the following requirements.


The portability of the AMAT system will enable athletes to be tested with a high quality motion capture system at their own Club.


The objectivity of the tests will ensure no bias from the testers towards the testing scores. No training is required regarding teaching the testers to analyse the test results as all the analysis is automatically undertaken by the AMAT Software.


The performance scores are very accurate through just adding easily attachable markers to the feet & knees. Also created is an accurate profile of the athletes movement skills which is then automatically used by the system to provide a detailed training intervention. This intervention is available through the online support system or training app.


There is never enough time for practitioners to carry undertake the detailed testing that they would like to. AMAT has been developed to solve this issue and it enables you to test lots of players quickly, accurately and objectively. A full squad of players can undertake the full battery of detailed analysis within 1 hour.


Quick, easy and accurate motion capture method for testing lots of athletes.


The system automatically analyses the data to provide both detailed physical reports and training plans.


Individualised training plan is automatically produced for each athlete which is easily accessible on the AMAT training app.

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