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MOTION TRACKING SYSTEM – Frequently Asked Questions

The full AMAT system, including the hardware and the technology, takes around 10-15 minutes to set up.

One athlete usually takes around 4 minutes to be fully AMAT tested. You can test a full squad of players (16) within 1 hour.

For the AMAT system to be set up a 5.3mtr x 3mtr area is required. Remember the AMAT system is portable so can be transported and set up in different places.

The flight case is 1400mm x 640mm x 380mm. The AMAT system also consists of 2 mat bags 620mm x 510mm x 60mm and a technology case 510mm x 410mm x 210mm.

The AMAT testing battery consists of 6 tests. A control jump (this can either be double or single leg), a maximum jump (this can either be double or single leg), a balance test, a bear crawl, a back squat and an overhead squat. All tests are analysed for movement quality and a performance score is given.

AMAT uses only feet and knee markers. A marker is easily attached to the trainers of both feet and a sticker applied to both knees.

An internet connection is required to connect the laptop to the tablet. However if you do not have an internet connection you can use the supplied wireless router to pair the two devices.

Yes. AMAT performance allows movement analysis to be carried out on a number of athletes by one person.

Both the performance and movement results of the tests are available straight away via live analysis and as a 3D video. The results can also be quickly uploaded to the online support system where an individual training plan and physical report are automatically produced.

Live analysis of all tests is available as soon as the test has finished. The AMAT system will also quickly analyse all tests immediately at the end of the testing session.

Research has been carried out over the past 6 years which has driven the development of AMAT Performance System. More information about the research behind the development of our AMAT Performance System can be found on our research page.

ONLINE SUPPORT SYSTEM – Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have finished the testing there is a button to press on the software and the results will be instantly uploaded on to the website to view. The physical report and training plan for each player is also instantly available.

You will be sent an email with your log in details for the online support system once you have purchased AMAT.

Incorrect movement patterns. The results of the athletes AMAT tests determines their training plan. The system takes into account any incorrect movement patterns and bases the training plan on these area(s) of weakness.

Yes. All training programmes take into consideration the athlete’s maturation stage to make sure the exercises in the programme are appropriate.

Athletes can view their personalised training plan on the AMAT Training app. Athletes have individual log in details and their training plan will be demonstrated to them by AMAT boy /man and Skeleton boy/man showing them the muscles being worked on. The training plan is also available as a PDF on the online support system which the coach can view.

There is no limit to the number of players which can be added on the online support system. Only 20 players can be added to the AMAT controller app in each age group at a time.

Players can be easily added to the online support system. They can then be downloaded onto the laptop and the tablet with one click on the AMAT software.

The physical report is produced instantly after saving your results on the AMAT software.

The physical report contains a graph with the results of all AMAT tests carried out. The physical report also highlights any movement issues AMAT has identified during the analysis.

TRAINING APP – Frequently Asked Questions

The AMAT Training app is available to download on the app store and google play store.

The athletes log in details can be found by the coach on the online support system.

On the AMAT Training app athletes can view their latest 3D testing videos. The athlete can see leader boards for each test to see where they rank in their age group as well as viewing their full training programme demonstrated to them whilst also highlighting the muscles being worked on. They also receive an individualised speedometer which provides more information around their performance scores.

Yes. Once the athlete’s testing videos have been uploaded they will be available on the AMAT training app.

Yes. All testing videos uploaded are fully secure. They will only be available to the athlete who performed the tests once they have logged into the AMAT Training app using their individual log in details.

This depends on how many videos you are uploading. With a good internet connection it only takes a few seconds per video.

The AMAT Training app provides the athlete with the leaderboard of where they rank in their age group for each test. The athlete can see how much they need to improve by to move up the leaderboard.

The AMAT Training app provides extra information of how the athlete compares to other athletes of similar maturation and age.

Yes. The AMAT Training app takes athletes through their full training programme. They are shown demonstrations of how to perform the exercises by ‘AMAT boy or man’ and then shown which muscles they are working on whilst doing the exercises by ‘Skeleton boy or man’


Quick, easy and accurate motion capture method for testing lots of athletes.


The system automatically analyses the data to provide both detailed physical reports and training plans.


Individualised training plan is automatically produced for each athlete which is easily accessible on the AMAT training app.

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