Passion for Sport

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For passionate sports people who want to understand movement characteristics and coach athletes to maximise their potential

Do you have a passion for sport and if so where did your sporting passion originate from? Guy Parkin – AMAT’s founder describes the reason for his sporting passion below:

The year was 1979 and I was playing in an u10 football game for a club called Hunsworth. My love of football had originated from being 7 years old in 1976 when my uncle took me to watch Manchester United play Derby County at Old Trafford. This was my first experience of a professional football match and an experience I can still remember vividly to this day in 2018, 42 years later. The excitement, apprehension, noise and passion of the fans within the ground and the absolute euphoria when Pearson scored for United was incredible.

As I finished this u10 game for Hunsworth I looked across the pitch and walking towards me in a caliper was my younger brother who had recently been diagnosed with Perthes disease, which back in 1979 meant that he needed to have a caliper fitted to stop the movement of his hip. When I saw him I was absolutely distraught and started to cry. How was this fair that a young boy of 7 years old who loved being active and playing sport would have to wear this type of caliper for 2 years.

When I think back to this terrible situation that my brother encountered at 7 years old it was the real driver that gave me a passion for sport. I was the lucky one out of the pair of us who was still able to play sport.

From this moment on I think the love of football had been instilled in me by my uncle taking me to Old Trafford in 1976 but what gave me my real passion & determination to work hard in sport came from my brothers terrible experience regarding his caliper.

Hence my passion for sport and my enthusiasum & inspiration to work with people who have a similar passion for sport